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We help you get people to use your software and achieve more, so they love the results and their jobs!

Since 2006, Tri Tuns has helped software buyers and SaaS vendors quickly get systems used in a way that delivers clear, measurable business results. Tri Tuns is different from most consulting firms in that we have a unique blend of deep experience and expertise in user adoption, organizational change management, and information systems. While most firms are strong in one area, we have proven expertise in all three. We help you achieve more value from your software investments by going beyond most typical change management efforts. Most change management efforts only focus on getting the system live, leaving you with poor user adoption and disappointed executives. Instead, we use our proven methodology to help you deliver comprehensive user adoption programs that accelerate initial adoption and then keep adoption high, so you get amazing business results (and happy executives) year after year. We know what works, and more importantly, what doesn't. You will love working with us and the great results you achieve in record time!

Jason Whitehead USA - Picture

Photo taken by Jeff Martin

Jason Whitehead, CEO

Jason is a passionate thought leader in the field of customer success and software user adoption. Jason's 20+ years' experience leading technology implementation and adoption programs has given him the expertise to help organizations overcome the largest challenge they face - getting people to use technology to deliver results. 

Jason has a master's degree in information systems from the London School of Economics, a master's degree in organization development & strategic human resource from Johns Hopkins University, and a bachelor's degree in business administration from George Washington University.

Our Story

Our founder and CEO, Jason Whitehead, spent the early part of his career as a CRM consulting, delivering hands-on, enterprise software deployments. The challenge was all of these projects focused just on getting the systems live, on-time and on-budget, without ever actually delivering the business results that were required.

Jason was given a unique opportunity as an internal employee of a Fortune 100 company to turn around a failed CRM system. After getting the system live, Jason's boss said to him, "It is great you got the system live. But if we can't get people to use it and prove the value to the executives, we don't need it and we don't need you." In this career defining moment, Jason began to focus all of his efforts on driving user adoption and proving the value of the system to deliver business results.

Jason quickly realized that none of his previous experience or education in information systems had given him the knowledge or skills to meet this exciting challenge. He quickly went back to university to get a Master's in Organizational Development, which gave him the tools and techniques to proactively drive user adoption. By applying what he learned he was able to dramatically increase user adoption, get the system recognized as an internal best-practice, and even get other departments to offer up budget and resource to gain system access.

Jason quickly realized that driving user adoption and business outcomes (not just getting a system live) was his passion, and so he stepped out on his own and founded Tri Tuns. Under Jason's leadership, Tri Tuns has spent more than a decade delivering numerous successful client projects. Tri Tuns continues to be a leader in helping organizations maximize user adoption, build effective customer success programs, and ensuring that organizations achieve their desired outcomes from their software investments.

About Our Name...

Tri Tuns (pronounced trī - təns) was named of The 3 Tuns Pub in London, England. The 3 Tuns was the student pub at the London School of Economics where our founder, Jason Whitehead, studied for his Masters in Information Systems. 

Jason often tells how many students and professors would continue interesting class discussions in the pub long after the actual clas was over. We continue the tradition of exploring innovative ideas about the value and impact of information systems while enjoying a pint or two!

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