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Earn 15% recurring commission for as long as your referral remains a customer.

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About Our Affiliate Program

The Tri Tuns, LLC Affiliate Program (which includes Tri Tuns, CS Mastermind, UA Mastermind, and The Jasons Take On...) allows you to market our suite of training and professional development programs, which helps you create sustainable personal and business income online.  

We know there are a lot of affiliate programs vying for your attention, so we strive to make ours the BEST.  

That's why we offer 15% recurring commission on all online training sales you generate, for as long as your referrals remain customers. 

Why share our training and development programs with your audience?

To put it simply: they grow careers and help customers!. Your audience of professionals are hungry for the best professional development that will grow their skills, increase their impact, accelerate their careers and deliver success for themselves and their organizations. Your recommendation brings them the tools and education they need.  

Here are just a few of the features our training and professional development programs have to offer:

  • 24 x7 access to self-paced online courses
  • Live, instructor-led content and virtual training sessions
  • Earn industry-recognized certifications
  • Coaching and support calls to reinforce learning
  • New courses and best-practices delivered around every 4 - 6 weeks
  • Grow confidence and skills for leading your customers
  • Learn from industry experts and peers
  • Join discussions in online community discussion forums
  • Specific programs for current and aspiring leaders
  • Unique content that builds your skills and knowledge in customer success, organizational change management and user adoption
  • Optional private coaching calls for individuals or groups 
  • Optional in-person training supplement for your team
  • Special programs and discounts for groups and teams

Earn 15% Recurring Commission

As an affiliate, you'll earn 15% recurring commission for as long as your referral remains a customer. We offer a range of programs that are fit for any budget and stage of business. When your members renew or upgrade, you continue to earn!

  • There is no cap! Refer as much as you want as there is no ceiling on how much you can earn.
  • No investment required. ZERO upfront cost!
  • Fast, easy registration. Get started in less than 3 minutes!
  • Earn 15% commission on every online order your customers make!
  • Keep earning each month, for as long as your referrals are customers!

What other customers say about our programs

Faster Career Growth

“I've been working as a CSM for just over a year and I have to say that I found this course really great for defining what we should know about and be doing rather than what people with very limited knowledge of CS assume we should be doing - and there's a huge difference. 

Whilst every organisation/business have/has their own requirements, the clarity provided on what Customer Success really means and the guidance on how to focus on the CS role in a structured, proactive way is great and the content has provided me with the confidence to develop, progress and establish my own CS career more speedily.”

- Lisa Callinan

Customer Success Professional

Forward Thinking

“I can say that Tri Tun's approach to Customer Success is forward thinking and designed to move thinking from focusing on technology to now focusing on the customer's business needs. 

There methodology has helped me drive improved customer engagement and adoption. I highly recommend the course and taking the time to learn this approach.”

- Andrew Singleton  

Director of Implementation Success, Learning Ally

Increase Your Confidence

“Tri Tuns helped give me the tools and knowledge I needed to get more depth of information from my interactions with clients. 

I was able to restructure my meetings and calls to come across more professional but at the same time relaxed enough to have the best possible chance in starting open conversations.

I definitely feel more confident in what I do and definitely see this coming through in my results.”

- Kyle Jackson 

Client Success Manager, Financial Times

How To Join

  • Step #1: Join one of our programs. While being a customer is not a requirement, our most successful affiliatess are familiar with and passionate about our platform.  
  • Step #2: Click the button below and fill out the form. We typically approve applications within 2 business days.  
  • Step #3: Look for our approval message and our new affiliate welcome series to help you get the most out of the program.  

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Have questions? We have answers.

How do I promote you training & development programs?  

When you join the affiliate program, you'll receive a unique referral link you can use to promote our online programs. 

Once you have your link, your ready to promote! Here are just a few ideas to increase your recurring commissions:

  • Market our programs in Blog Posts, Social Media & Emails: Love our training and development programs? Have a great case study to share? Tell your story and promote our programs to your audience.
  • Promote to your customers: Do yo think your customers would benefit from increasing their knowledge and skills? You can include links and recommendations to our programs during yo customer onboarding efforts. Contact us to arrage special group discounts for your customers!
  • Post on LinkedIn: Share you experience with your contacts and group members on LinkedIn and watch the commissions come in.
  • Co-host a webinar or podcast with us: Have a special skill, insight or experence that will help others? Why not co-deliver a webinar with us and increase your affiliate referrals.

How long is cooke life?  

We offer a 30-day cookie life. This means from link click to close of sale, if your referral purchases within 30 days (without clicking someone else's link), you get credit for the referral. Once they've purchased, you continue to receive commissions until they end their membership.

What is the commission payout? How much can I earn?  

We currently offer a 15% recurring commission for the life of the customer. With a variety of membership prices, and the potential for group purchases, your commissions can really add up!