User Adoption & Change Management Consulting

We help you every step of the way in your software implementation efforts: 

  • Before Go-Live: Build User Adoption Programs To Prepare Your Users
  • At Go-Live: Accelerate Initial User Adoption
  • After Go-Live: Maximize Long-Term Use

Do You Want To Increase User Adoption And Get More Value From Your Software Investments?

Maximizing effective and ongoing end-user adoption is critical to achieving your desired business results and getting the most value from your software. Yet, this doesn't happen on its own. You need a structured, ongoing user adoption program that:

  • Identifies desired business outcomes and removes barrier to user adoption 
  • Prepares, enables and motivates users to embrace new software and ways of working
  • Facilitates cross-department collaboration using your software
  • Monitors usage ad measures actual business results achieved from your software
  • Sustains adoption, maximizes use of new features, and delivers ongoing business outcomes over the life of the system

We Make It Happen!

We have been where you are, and we know what it takes. Our extensive expertise working hands-on to accelerate user adoption and business outcomes realization means we can help you achieve more value from your software. Let us help you avoid the delays and missteps that plague most software implementations and achieve more value from systems! 

Yes, I Want To Accelerate User Adoption & Maximize The Value Of My Software Investments!

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Are You Before Go-Live And Need To Build A High-Impact User Adoption Program?

The time to plan and prepare for fast user adoption is before the system is live. You need to build an adoption program based on your unique needs, organization, software and implementation schedule. 

We help you build your program, avoid mistakes, and prepare your leaders and end-users for your new software. You get fast user adoption and accelerated business benefits realization once your system goes live.

User Adoption Needs Analysis & Strategy

You have limited time and resources for building a high-impact user adoption program. We help you identify your specific drivers and barriers to user adoption. We then build your user adoption strategy to focus your resources for greatest impact.

User Adoption Program Setup & Team Development

We establish your user adoption program, define roles and responsibilities, train your staff on user adoption methods, provide team coaching and support, and measure your user adoption team performance.

Prepare End-Users and Leadership

We actively engage your executives, managers, supervisors and end-users prior to go-live, so the know what is required from them once the system is up and running.

I Want Help Preparing My User Adoption Program & Accelerating Benefits Realization

Is Your Software At Or Near Go-Live And You Need To Accelerate Initial User Adoption & Business Outcomes?

The first 12 months from go-live are critical for getting users to adopt your software and achieving improved business outcomes. The typical approach of "go-live and go-home" only leads to low and slow user adoption and disappointing results. Do you know what you need to do instead?

We help you accelerate initial user adoption, measure progress, and take effective action to ensure your systems are used and delivering the outcomes you need.

Training, Communications and Engagement

You need effective end-user onboarding programs that go beyond point-and-click training and fully prepare users for performing their jobs differently with your software. We build and deliver the training, communications, engagement and onboarding programs that deliver fast, effective user adoption.

Initial User Onboarding & Accelerated Adoption

You need to quickly get users to adopt the new software, learn its functionality, and change their daily work habits to embrace the new software. We help you set user adoption targets and provide the support necessary to drive fast, effective adoption across your user base.

Adoption Monitoring & Business Outcomes Management

You need to perform ongoing measurement of user adoption and related business outcomes to prove you are getting value from your software investments. Next you need to take action to address performance issues and maximize your results. We provide the monitoring, analysis and recommended actions to make this happen.

Do You Have a Live System And Need To Sustain High-Levels Of Adoption & Evolve It To Meet Future Needs?

Your world doesnt stay still and neither does your software. New business needs emerge, new software functionality gets released, and new people join your organization. If you ignore these ongoing needs, your software quickly becomes outdated, ineffective an irrelevant.

We help maintain high-levels of effective user adoption, drive fast adoption of new features, quickly onboar new users, and ensure your software continues to deliver amazing business outcomes year after year.

Sustained Long-Term User Adoption

You need to make sure that people keep effectively using your software over the life of the system. This requires ongoing effort to monitor adoption and respond to emerging needs and challenges. We help you keep adoption levels high to ensue you get maximum value from your software over the long-term.

Onboard New Users & Deploy New Functionality

You constantly have new people join your organization and new software functionality getting released. You need to make sure that new users quickly adopt your current system. You need to make sure all users quickly adopt new functionality. We help you make sure this happens so that new users, and new features, are quickly contributing to improving your bottom line.

Evolve Your Adoption Program & Maximize Your Business Outcomes / ROI

You face constant change in your organization and what works today may not work tomorrow. As your needs, software and organization evolve, you need to make sure your user adoption program and efforts do as well. We help you adjust your user adoption program so that your software stays relevant, adoption levels stay high, and you continue to get the most value possible from your software.