Change Management & User Adoption

Build a user adoption program that maximizes software use and delivers your desired business outcomes!

We get your people to use your software, so you get the business results you want!

You are probably very good at getting software live, but you likely struggle to get users to adopt the system in a way that delivers the business outcomes you want. Delivering great training and communications alone is not enough. To get the value you demand from your software investments requires more.

The reality is most training, communication and change management programs are not designed to meet the ongoing user adoption challenges of today's software. SaaS systems, agile development, and constant new software releases create a state of perpetual change. You need to move past outdated change management programs that are focused just on the initial go-live and embrace new methods to accelerate, maximize and sustain user adoption!

Tri Tuns helps you build the user adoption programs, teams and skills you need to meet the demands of modern software. We help you get your people to use your software, and keep them using it, so you get the results you need!

Change Management & User Adoption Consulting

If you are planning a new software implementation, getting ready to go live, or have an existing system that needs improved user adoption, we can help! Our change management & user adoption consulting packages are flexible and designed to quickly implement fast, effective and scalable user adoption programs, so you get the business outcomes you want.

User Adoption Assessments, Strategy, Processes & Program Setup

You have limited time and resources for building a high-impact user adoption program. We help you focus your resources for greatest impact, establish your adoption program and provide the ongoing management for your user adoption efforts.

User Adoption Team Development  

Building a high-performing user adoption team is a major challenge. We help you define roles and responsibilities, train your staff on user adoption methods, provide team coaching and support, and measure your user adoption team performance.

End-User Training, Engagement & Onboarding

You need effective end-user onboarding programs that go beyond point-and-click training to fully prepare users for performing their jobs differently using your software. We build and deliver the training, communications, engagement and onboarding programs that deliver fast, effective user adoption.

Executive Support, Cross-Department Collaboration and Engaging Managers & Supervisors 

You need the support of executives, managers and supervisors to drive user adoption and ensure people collaborate effectively using your software. We build the alignment and support you need.

User Adoption Monitoring, Outcomes Measurement and Performance Improvement

You need to provide ongoing measurement of user adoption and related business outcomes to prove you are getting value from your software investments. Next you need to take action to address performance issues and maximize your results. We provide the monitoring, analysis and recommended actions to make this happen.

Onboarding New Users, Sustaining Adoption Year-After-Year, and Evolving Your Adoption Program

Things change everyday and you need to constantly adjust your adoption efforts to onboard new users, keep adoption levels high, sustain your business results and keep your software relevant. We provide the ongoing support you need to ensure you get full value from your software over the life of the system.

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Change Management & User Adoption Training

Training Programs For Individuals and Teams

You need to develop in-depth change management and user adoption skills and expertise. We have the training, coaching and support you need.  

We have a variety of user adoption training options to meet your needs. Our programs are designed to boost your knowledge, skills and confidence, all while delivered in a format and schedule that works best for you.  

Additional Great Training Options To Meet Your Needs!

We offer several additional training program fomats to help you and your team grow their user adoption & change management capabilities. 


Online user adoption training is perfect for individuals or teams that prefer self-study and like to learn at their own pace. The training is 100% online with interactive content!

Virtual / Blended

Your virtual learning program blends online, self-study with live, instructor-led sessions delivered remotely. Perfect for small or geographically dispersed teams! 


Your in-person team training is highly interactive, providing a dynamic learning experience. It includes access to our online content and post-training coaching calls to reinforce learning and support your team.


Your workshop is a fast-paced, dynamic learning and problem-solving program. Our expert facilitators lead you through detailed scenarios so you gain new knowledge while solving important challenges specific to your organization.