Customer Success Consulting

No matter where you are in your customer success journey, we help you:  

  • Increase customer adoption and improve customer business outcomes
  • Build world-class customer success teams and operations
  • Improve internal alignment and increase executive support for customer success 

Do You Want A World-Class Customer Success Program The Drives Profits and Growth?

Building a high-impact customer success program is a huge challenge! You need to:

  • Quickly build your strategy, team, processes and methodology from scratch
  • Prove you can deliver a customer success service that wows customers, increases adoption, reduces churn and expands accounts
  • Drive alignment, effective hand-offs and collaboration across all your internal stakeholders

And you need to do it all with limited time and budget - and before you lose executive support!

Tri Tuns Makes It Happen Faster And Easier!

We have been where you are and we know what it takes. Our unique expertise working hands-on to accelerate user adoption within software buyers' organizations, coupled with our experience building customer success teams, let's us help you in ways you can't imagine. 

Do You Need Help Building & Launching Your Customer Success Program?

There are unique challenges and decisions you need to make when first launching a customer success practice. We help you make decisions, avoid mistakes, and get your customer success practice off the ground fast so you quickly demonstrate the impact you have on customers and the growth of your company.

Customer Success Strategy  

You have limited resources and need to make a major impact. We help you determine where to set your priorities, allocate resources, and focus your efforts to deliver maximum results.

Customer Success Processes, Playbooks, Tactics & Resources

Details matter! You need to map out your internal processes, deliver them in a usable format, make the easily actioned by your team, and then keep them up to date! We can help.

Customer Success Team Development

Building a high-performing team is a major challenge. We help you define roles and responsibilities, develop incentive structures, define career paths, hire the right people, and manage team performance.

Help! I am Trying To Build My Customer Success Program

Are You Trying To Grow & Scale Your Customer Success Team and Service Deliver Capabilities?

You will learn a lot in first couple of years, and very soon you will need to grow and scale your customer success operations. We help you learn from your experience and adjust your program to meet current and future needs.

Customer Segmentation, Voice of the Customer, Journey Mapping & Service Alignment

You need to segment your customers, understand each segments' needs, map the ideal customer journey, and then align your processes, services and resources accordingly. We help you identify the best mix of segments and services to maximize the value of each customer.

High-Touch, Medium-Touch and Low-Touch / Tech-Touch  

You need the right mix of high, medium and low touch approaches to maximize customer adoption and outcomes. We help you build the right processes to maximize customer impact and renewals, while minimizing the cost to serve your customers.

Customer Onboarding, Success Plans, Business Reviews, Renewals & Expansions

Success ultimately comes down to delivering high-impact services to your customers. We help you define and deliver the customer-facing activities that increase user-adoption, increase customer outcomes, reduce churn, expand accounts to increase profits and growth. 

Do You Need to Mature Your Customer Success Operatons & Optimize Your Impact?

Congratulations! You have proven you can deliver high-impact customer success services. Now you need to optimize your services, evolve your approach to meet future needs, lower your cost to serve, and prove that your customer success program is a profitable growth-driver! We help you optimize your program and prove the impact it has on growth and profitability.

Customer Metrics, KPIs, Health Scores and Management

You need a way to measure the impact of your customer success team, prioritize work, and proactively manager customers based on their needs, perceptions, and signals. We help you identify the information you need to effectively and efficiently manage your customers.

Internal Alignment, Hand-Offs and Collaboration

The biggest challenge that most customer success teams face is driving effective internal alignment and collaboration. We increase internal alignment so that all departments are contributing to the success of your customers. 

Executive Support, Resources, Budgets, Profitability and Growth

You need to maximize internal executive support for customer success, get the budget and resources you need, and prove that customer success is profitable and growth-driver for your organization. We help make this happen!