Customer Success Training Course Descriptions

  • Learn to have effective, value-focused conversations (joining dots to the bottom line) 
  • Master proven tactics you can use to increase user adoption and business outcomes before, at and after go-live 
  • Increase your soft skills (trust, client engagement, objection handling, leadership, conflict...) 

CS Training Content

Your customer success training covers the operational and tactical practices and skills required to be effective in multiple customer success roles. It includes often overlooked, but critically needed software skills, change management and user adoption methodologs. By including these in your program, you increase your expertise, confidence and ability to lead clients in addressing these issues in an effective manner. 

Build The Training Program You Need

Our training is available in a variety of formats (online, virtual delivery, in-person and subscription) so you get the format and program that works best for you. Regardless of which format you select, our customer success training programs typical include the follow 11 core courses.

1. Becoming a successful CSM  


Course Description: This course examines the role and expectations for CSMs in enabling and driving your customers' success.  


Learning Objectives: Set expectations for CSMs to act in a consultative role and understand client expectations for the CSM role.

2. Shifting the conversation with your customers

Course Description: This course examines how to initiate and keep your customers strategically focused on business outcomes and success with your solutions. Learning Objectives: Shift thinking and focus from features / benefits to solving business problems and creating business value.

3. Accelerating business value by focusing on adoption

Course Description: This course examines the key concepts and focus areas for accelerating adoption of your solutions in your' environment so that they increase measurable business outcomes. Learning Objectives: Provide understanding of what drives and prevents customers from generating business value through effective use of your product.

4. Releasing trapped business value  


Course Description: This course examines why your customers are not achieving success from the traditional approaches customers take when introducing new systems. Learning Objectives: Increase CSMs subject matter expertise regarding typical approaches and techniques clients take to drive change and adoption and why they often fail to deliver expected business outcomes.

5. Establishing a strategic relationship with your customers

Course Description: This course examines how to establish yourself as a strategic partner and trusted adviser for your customers right from the start. Learning Objectives: Enable CSMs to work effectively with client executives and help CSMs be viewed as an expert who can solve business problems.

6. Driving commitment to success through a structured process

Course Description: This course examines a 5-step process you should use to drive your customers' commitment to their success with your solutions as part of your onboarding playbook. Learning Objectives: Provide a clear, repeatable process that can be used with all customers and a starting point / structure you can use to develop playbooks.

7. Planning for a successful launch with key before Go Live adoption actions  


Course Description: This course examines specific before Go Live actions you should include in your playbook to prepare your customers to quickly adopt your solutions at Go Live. Learning Objectives: Define specific steps you can take to drive success from the moment a client signs until launch.

8. Accelerating adoption and time to first value with key at Go Live adoption actions

Course Description: This course examines specific actions to include in your playbook that you should take at Go Live through the critical first 12 months to accelerate your customers' adoption of your solutions. Learning Objectives: Define unique client needs and opportunities to drive success during the critical initial Go Live period and identify specific actions to accelerate time to first value.

9. Sustaining success and adoption year after year with key post Go Live adoption actions

Course Description: This course examines specific actions you should take post Go Live as part of your long-term adoption and account expansions playbook with your customers. Learning Objectives: Prepare CSMs to evolve how they work with clients over the long-term and enable CSMs to keep clients focused on value recognition from your software to expand accounts and increase renewals.

10. Amplifying customer success by aligning your organization for CS  


Course Description: This course examines what is needed to achieve a customer-centric focus and cross-functional processes within your organization and the impact that tight internal alignment has on client experiences and outcomes. Learning Objectives: Identify actions CSMs can take internally to help all departments in your organization amplify the CS role and client success and identify tactics to address common challenges you may face internally when evolving your CS function.

11. Building tools, collateral, processes and playbooks for easier and better customer engagement

Course Description: This course Help CSMs move beyond phone calls and emails to better engage with clients by developing extremely effective tools, processes, collateral and playbooks for maximizing the effectiveness of their customer success efforts. Learning Objectives: You will examine how CS teams can jointly develop and share materials and processes that prove effective, identify how to develop new ways of engaging with hard to reach clients, and learn to develop developing toolkits and materials that can be reused across clients to scale your reach

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